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Take a Stitch Tuesday project

December 23, 2006

I’ve joined up with over 100 stitchers who will be exploring different types of hand stitches through Sharon’s leadership. Starting Jan 2, she’ll be posting a different stitch each week, leaving it up to the individual stitcher to develop it, using whatever background fabric and threads they choose. It should be interesting to see what everyone does, types of materials used, and how the stitches turn out. I imagine there will be so many possibilities opening up for everyone involved. If you’d like to take part, visit her blog, inaminuteago, and come join us.


Pathways, for the Changing Perspective challenge

December 5, 2006

Pathways, for the Changing Perspective challengecloseup of hand stitchinganother detail pic

TXT exhibit, juried piece

December 5, 2006

The Greatest Of These


December 5, 2006


December 5, 2006

details, hand dyed perle cotton stitchingColor In My Life, detailsColor In my Life, Again

Hello Again

December 5, 2006

“Pick of the Litter” show held at the Creamery.Celtic Prayer Circles

Here’s a sample of my work

January 23, 2006

This is my own hand dyed fabric along with hand dyed perle cotton stitching

and machine stitching. Welcome